Effects of Age on Sperm Count

Does age have any effect on male sperm count? Turns out that age also has an effect on fertility in men. The study was also included sperm count test, and they discovered that sperm count thought to be lowest after age fifty five.

So, what was discovered in that study is the lower quality semen couldn’t be blamed on scarce sex, but on the age, which can affect the production of male sperm count.

The scientists said that older men are not only in jeopardy for sterility, but also they are rather more likely to pass on genetic issues to their youngsters. So, from these studies you can learn that as lady ages, her fertility decreases ; and these studies are also show, age also has an impact on male sperm count.

If you have already got a healthy and balanced way of life over time, with some sensible foods consumption, you can have a top quality of sperm as the years go by.

But even older man can enhance the quality of their sperm and increase their sperm count with the right methods. So just because a man is over 50, it doesn’t mean that he is less likely to produce a child, or that that child will not be a healthy, strong and intelligent boy or girl.

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